The Lost Idea of Lars Sullivan


    Many a doctor or research scientist have used the microscope as the tool to see beyond what the human eye can detect while looking for important answers.Today we are going to use our knowledge of the past and relevant news to predict the path of the career of Lars Sullivan. Sullivan has had it bad both in past commentary as well as mental health issues stalling his main roster debut. This dive into the recent past and current injury status will give us an idea of what to expect from the bruiser big man in the next 4-5 years of contract obligation. Please note this is speculative and for your insight based on my opinion of precedence set by many in his role prior and his action so far, enjoy!

    Dylan Miley was signed to NXT at the performance center at Full Sail university in 2013. Miley was in fact a referral from Bobby Lashley and known as a weightlifter with interest in sports entertainment. Miley was known for one thing in particular, he possesses enormous hands. His workouts were so impressive that it is stated Brock Lesnar made appearances at full sail just to train with him. With similar height and close enough billed weight ( Miley being heavier) it looks like an endorsement that no prospect could want more. His time in early developmental meant he could learn with some very important current role players in WWE, such as Braun Strowman, and Finn Balor. Famously pictures of the three circulated the internet as new signings to NXT with only Balor seeing tv time.

    While NXT is known as the hottest WWE property for wrestling above drama segments it was almost foreign to Miley as he was showcased on dark matches and live events primarily. The ploy that was used is when exec’s think they have hit pay dirt in a talent knowing the in-ring and mic skills are greener than Irish grass. This technique also helps to create  shock factor when the new talent debuts, keeping the audience and internet community on their toes ( think Strowman with the Wyatts). He was fed local talent on limited tours as well as seasoned talent in Full Sail dark matches in mixed results for his win loss column. Paying dues is part of the process and WWE thought they had struck oil with the brute as his sports entertainment education started to create a buzz,

    The time had come for Miley to make his debut as Lars Sullivan… the freak. This happened officially almost  three and a half years after singing which is to put a lot of seasoning on a well done steak. Beginning with sneak attacks and squashing multiple enhancement talent Sullivan had the golden big man pot of gold push starting to rev its engine. His first Takeover was against Kassius Ohno which he won in dominant big man style. Sullivan suffered minor injuries in the time to follow resulting in missed time and opportunities, Sullivan began feuding with bigger names and shooting for title slots however he was bested by smaller more recognized talent in important matches. The freak would have redeeming wins over former Takeover losses like Velveteen Dream and Ricochet….However the crowd wasn’t into it as much as the execs hoped they had the new Godzilla of the ring on their hands, the fans were into the indie signings with major talent and underestimated followings. The NXT push was starting to plateau as his televised Takeover record went to one and three with a pre-show dark match squash taped for NXT programming being his only other successful NXT bout. Was he ready for the next chapter after failing to capture NXT gold and slowly being phased off television??? Let us turn to a higher powered lens on the microscope, maybe we aren’t getting a deeper more vivid picture.  Dialing in my new lens and I think I can figure out the problems! Eureka!!! I see the WWE experimental flaws that they do not seem to recognize. Brace yourselves folks this one is an all out assault on the obvious. Many factors play in and history speaks for itself on this gem of knowledge going forward.

    Work rate for a big man is tricky and harder than most athletic mid carders. Hear me out, the main event style of wrestling for a big man dictates you DON’T leave your feet until finally being knocked over to create more drama. You always use power moves and knock people over with ease, gloating only if you re the big man facing a smaller baby face. Rarely ascend the ropes past second so you do not eclipse the opponent or awe the crowd too much by defying gravity at that size ( It would downplay the impact of the under card high spots and lead to more sustainable injury to larger wrestlers,). For many years it was kick, punch, large man rest hold, body slam, smaller man momentum, squash it with a power move and then finisher. With earlier on exceptions to the rule like Bam Bam Bigelow and Vader, nobody was braking this rule and will always be why both stick out among big men. The Undertaker and Kane stick out as flag bearers of mixing main event with top rope involvement and most importantly continuity. If a cruiser or normal weight misses a spot or tries to chain wrestle-moves it mostly flows well. If a big man botches its seen by other continents and internet shamed in  minutes. Main event style big man wrestlers are c at best graded, have you ever seen a Mark Henry, Kevin Nash, or  Sheamus match that was epic? A match that was so enthralling by these big men that you had to tell people to que their youtube right away? i really didn’t think so. Lars is above a c player, adding collision moves and some rope work to his arsenal. His speed needs improvement and his continuity and flow need improvement, all bigger matches like Takeovers seem choppy and overthought. Concluding on his in ring, I must bring up Hulk Hogan’s big faux pas: He said he always felt that if he always talked about his arms being the largest so why did he use a leg drop instead of an arm style finisher like a sleeper?? He notes that a a regret for his ring presence, so If Sullivan has freakish huge hands why isn’t he using the skull claw and Rowan using the freak accident? I know its odd but it makes sense. What else could hold him back?

    Kevin Nash was a terrible in ring performer but people watched him because of a small thing called charisma. Yes I am aware of the kliq and their inane politics, what I am talking about is what you make up for on the microphone when in-ring is not stellar. Sullivan has not once wowed with a promo, and all we know is that he is portrayed as a freak that hates the word freak for cheap heat reaction. His speaking is very scripted, memorized and delivered slow. It does not connect and draws the sound of crickets. Without a mouthpiece he is a sunken ship, fan reaction and pop factor are in the negative range. How do you get the promos and trash talk going into the next hot feud, then again what feud?

    So a once called upon Mr. Sullivan had a majorly delayed debut. His personal anxiety problem worked against him and had to abandon ship before his main roster raw appearance. Going into seclusion for mental issues ( no laughing matter) and killing the momentum of his announced first appearance numbed the fans to his intended impact. In our year of 2019 every fan can access sight like Wrestling inc. and Wrestlezone and get the real scoop on why a wrestler isn’t performing. How does one when knowing this issue take him serious as threat as a freak monster when he is nervous to perform in front of said crowd? What happens at a big quarterly ppv like Wrestlemania or Royale Rumble and he has garnered too much heat and panics at the reaction or no shows from pressure? How is this beast built? Opposing to the way the WWE wants people to see  him his career has been marred now with injury, mediocre but improving work rate, lack of charisma or audience appeal, and history repeating itself. Let me dial in the sharpest lens on the microscope.

    Before Sullivan could try to start a main roster career his past on bodybuilding forums cam out as bigoted, homophobic, racially intolerant as well as demeaning. Was his well documented and pushed under the rug WWE for their new found star? Why did it take so long to find this out publicly especially only when he was moving towards main roster? Was his first pointless feud with Lucha House Party a grasp at straws way to justify his racism ( The sad dq win did him no favors). Then to repeat the performance on tv only to blow out his knee during said squash match that continued to bore the crowd. So after all this internet controversy how did Sullivan get through it and all the backlash? Oh, he apologized, that’s it. He said remarks as bad as Hogan who was removed from the company for years, yet he apologized ( that is all it took? ) and a more than likely fictitious fine of 100k for the company to save face on their project man. Let me look in the lens once more…

    Lars Sullivan may get pushed, after all an apology for hate driven past and so called therapy ( yeah therapy for our psycho freak, cause that’s frightening right?) will save him in a company where Brad Maddox got fired for saying “cocky pricks” at a house show. Sullivan has been absent more than present on main roster, work rate mediocre, verbal skills in the toilet and unstable health wise both mental/physical. When he gets healthy what will he be? Brodus Clay was a bad ass and came back as a Funkosaurus, Rusev was supposed to be the next bog brick of talent and how is that working out? Ryback was the next big thing, sloppy and one dimensional his hype outlasted his legacy twofold. Look to history on this push, for every one Strowman ( and they tried to mess that up!) there are so many Great Khali, Rusev, Ryback, Mason Ryan, and counless others that have gone wrong. WWE history repeats itself with the same 30% success rate. We need to open our eyes to the obvious, after this injury what will he be when he comes back and restarts a go nowhere feud with Lucha House party? Will he even be the same character or repackaged with Vince hoping we forget? We do not know but I can tell you this, the cards are against him and now I see Sullivan’s future as very dim and possibly being repackaged for comedy  (Vladimir Kozlov was such a threat, and then a prankster) or menace that just can’t get it done and shuffles down the mid-card (Umaga was an unstoppable beast that only won mid card gold and lost it to a comic act).

    Good luck Lars, you will need it and try to keep off social media… stay healthy and try to prove me wrong because I bet you can’t.


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