The Beast In The Bank


    I know it’s the “in” thing to do right now – dump all over the product WWE is giving us these days. I get it. Most of the storylines make no sense; wrestlers get forgotten; force feeding the audience (Kicking ass, taking names, WWE Stomping Grounds!); tag team wrestling; etc, etc…

    But I’m a positive guy. I’d like to take a moment to write about something that I’m really enjoying right now.

    The Beast In The Bank.

    I was there in Hartford when Brock Lesnar made a shocking return, spent 30 seconds in the MITB Ladder match, knocked over Ali, nearly killed a cameraman, and grabbed the briefcase. I stood there next to my 70 year old father wondering where this came from and why. But then I thought about it. What the hell else can they do with Brock Lesnar right now? Nobody wants to see him as champion yet people are still invested in what he’s doing. (Odd, I know) So what better way to feature him than by having him chase, and fail at, either of the two top belts.

    The segment with Seth Rollins and Kofi Kingston both calling The Beast out on Raw was great and made sense! They didn’t want to wait, didn’t want to be surprised. They wanted to know their fate immediately and get it over with. No sneak attacks, no cheap wins. Come and get me, Brock. And out came Brock, bee-bopping with his briefcase, teasing a choice, and ultimately walking away. The paranoia begins. And then over the next two weeks The Beast sets his sights on Seth Rollins, the man who took his Universal Title away from him at Wrestlemania.

    The Monday before Super Showdown The Beast comes to strike and proceeds to beat the holy hell out of Seth Rollins. And the beatdown was incredible, brutal, and exhilirating. That damn chair even made Seth bleed. And here we are as an audience thinking, “will he cash in now? Are they really going to do this on Raw??”

    Nope. Brock Lesnar tells Paul Heyman “Friday”. And suddenly I’m interested in Super Showdown. I want, I need to know what’s happening next. With Brock, and the way Vince feels about him, it’s so difficult to predict which keeps it fun and me invested. I stay off Twitter just so I don’t get spoiled because I want to see this for myself.

    I assume you’ve seen Super Showdown so I won’t rehash too much but Seth Rollins wins his match against Baron Corbin (I’ll write about him another time and you’ll be surprised). Corbin, however, gets a cheap End of Days on Rollins and out comes The Beast In The Bank!  What happens next is possibly one of my favorite things in many years. Brock enters the ring followed by Paul Heyman but Heyman trips over the ropes and falls. As Brock is distracted by this Rollins puts a fist into Lesnar’s nuts and the beat down begins just like on Monday but with roles reversed. Rollins beats the ever living hell out of Lesnar and stomps his face into the briefcase. Brilliant! Rollins gets his payback, keeps his title, and Lesnar keeps the briefcase. Something so simple yet makes so much sense and dammit I’m dying to know where we go next.

    That’s the brilliance of this! We really have no idea! Sure, Lesnar can show up again and go back and forth with Rollins. OR…maybe Lesnar decides he’s had enough with Rollins and decides to take the briefcase to Kofi. Maybe Lesnar successfully cashes in on Kofi in some very cheap, heat generating way. Kofi works his way back and we get Lesnar/Kingston at Summerslam. With ratings slipping and All Out at the end of August, you know Lesnar will be featured. And can you imagine that Toronto crowd when Kofi slays The Beast?

    Wrestling doesn’t need to be complicated. Simple storylines that make sense mixed with some really good to great wrestling is really all we need as fans. Give me a reason to be invested in a character or a feud and I’m in. Just give me a reason to care and I’ll invest my time. Right now, I care about and I’m invested in The Beast In The Bank. And with the threat of the briefcase, not being on every show is to his benefit. You never know when he’ll show or where he’ll strike. And I’ll keep tuning in just to find out.


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