Stone Cold Kevin Owens


    A couple of weeks ago I got on this keyboard and professed my love for Seth Rollins and his steel chair. That was great, albeit short lived. Now they’ve tied him together with Becky Lynch and I’m no longer interested. Sure, I love both of them as individuals but as I wrote last week, I don’t need their relationship shoved in my face every Monday night. I want Becky to be strong on her own and I want Seth to be strong on his own as well. However, we may have found something even better…

    Over the course of two episodes of SmackDown Live!, Kevin Owens has gone from heat generating heel to the most over babyface in the company. Two weeks ago it was the KO Show where he reluctantly tried to stick to the script but couldn’t, almost getting himself into some hot water until Dolph Ziggler showed up. The seeds were planted. And then this week was on a whole other level.  SmackDown starts with a parking lot interview featuring Dolph Ziggler and who rolls up behind him in his Dodge Charger, making sure you know he’s beeping the horn? Good ole Kevin Owens. They begin to brawl after KO sucker punches him and after it’s broken up Shane McMahon sends Owens home. Well, we all know in wrestling you never truly go home. We cut to the ringside announcers and suddenly Owens appears with a live microphone and he’s shooting live rounds. Let’s be honest, he was shooting working rounds but gosh darnit if it wasn’t refreshing. 

    Owens suddenly became the voice of the people, chiding Shane for taking up too much TV time and for calling himself “The Best In The World”. He brought up the four McMahons (yes, I know) standing in the ring, vowing to listen to the fans yet nothing has changed. He mentioned names like Buddy Murphy, Apollo Crews, Ali, Liv Morgan, and Asuka. Shane cut the mic and Owens grabbed another. Shane cut that one and Owens took Byron Saxton’s headset. Security then chased him away and at the end of the show, Owens returned to give Shane a stunner.

    Have we seen this before? Yes.

    Do I want more of it? Yes.

    Here’s the thing. In 1997 we fell in love with Stone Cold Steve Austin. His take no crap attitude, flipping off the boss, beer drinking, bad ass attitude was something we all believed in and I dare say we’ve been yearning for since he’s retired. Sure, if you’re reading this article you’re probably a little more into wrestling than the average fan and you love things like workrate, ring psychology, and Meltzer’s five star ratings. But you also love that bad ass character who takes no crap and speaks what you’re thinking. Kevin Owens doesn’t need to be a nice guy to be a monster good guy. He just needs to be Kevin Owens because as he is he’s already fantastic and when he’s able to let loose it’s magic. Remember JeriKO?

    With all the creative changes happening now and the lackluster product we’ve had, we need this badass Owens. We need him to speak what we’re thinking. We need him to put Shane McMahon in his place. We desperately need a character who’s flawed (like us), is tired of his boss (like us), and will do what he needs to to take what’s his and knock down anyone trying to hold him back. What did Mr. McMahon say so many years ago? Oh yeah…”We need the OLD Stone Cold!”

    Don’t get me wrong, here. I don’t want Owens to be Stone Cold Steve Austin. I want him to be an extension of that. The modern day version for this crazy new world we live in. I want him to (oh god I’m going to do it) ‘kick ass and take names’. And I want to get behind him 100 percent.

    My friend Chris OC introduced me to wrestlers like Owens, Finn Balor, and Sami Zayn when I came back to wrestling in 2016 and since then I’ve been a huge fan of all three. I was thrilled when Owens got to carry the Universal title and I hope we can see him back on top very soon.

    On to Extreme Rules!

    I’ll admit, I’m looking forward to this one. There’s potential for some very good matches but please WWE do not put The Revival/Uso’s match on the pre-show. Give them time to have the amazing match that they can have. Samoa Joe isn’t going to win but boy does he need a big win. He’s only a scary heel for so long until you know he’s just going to lose the big match. AJ/Ricochet and Aleister Black/Cesaro are also show stealing candidates.


    • New Day wins the SmackDown tag belts
    • Aleister Black beats Cesaro
    • Ricochet by DQ over AJ 
    • McMahon/McIntyre lose thanks to Owens
    • The Winners Take All match will be surprisingly entertaining

    And if Kevin Owens drives to the ring driving a LaBatte’s Bleu beer truck I will be the happiest wrestling opinion writer alive!



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