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WWE RETRO: JBL’s 10-Month Run As WWE Champion

Anthony Di Marco returns for this week’s WWE Retro to discuss a title run that isn’t talked about enough and the impact that it had on SmackDown from 2004-2005, and that was JBL’s run as WWE Champion. Hosted by: Anthony […]

WTFW – The Drexl Episode

In this episode of WTFW (which stands for What the F Wrestling), Nemean Lion and Kanye Twitty return to interview Drexl, the Northwest Deathmatch King. Hosted by: Kanye T. & Namean L.

WrestleMagic Episode #2: From PPV to PLE

The Gardner Michael Gross and Rocky T come to you for only the second time with a brand new show called “WrestleMagic”. In this episode, they cover the evolution from PPV to PLE. Don’t miss it! Hosted by: Michael Gross […]