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WWE RETRO: Kevin Owen’s Universal Title Run

Anthony Di Marco returns for this week’s RETRO show, discussing Kevin Owen’s Universal Championship run in 2016. Anthony Di Marco returns to discuss SmackDown when it was the “House that AJ Styles Built” Hosted by: Anthony D.

WTFW Episode #15: Perma Fire Saraya

In this episode of WTFW (which stands for What the F Wrestling), Nemean Lion and Kanye Twitty return to talk wrestling, putting a fun, unique twist each week. Hosted by: Kanye T. & Nemean L.

Mailbag – Episode #99

It’s that time of the week once again to let the listeners have a voice on the show. What do you like or dislike about the current WWE product? Want to rant? Ask me a question? The floor is yours! […]