Leave it to WWE


    Leave it to WWE to take something that works and find a way to flush it down the toilet.

    A common theme you may find in my articles is that I love a bad ass. Bad ass babyface or bad ass heel – either one just give me more. And a few weeks ago I wrote about “Chairman Rollins” and how I loved that they were finally letting him be a badass babyface and how enjoyable that was. Well, since then he became “The Man’s Man” and tied him to Becky Lynch. I didn’t like that simply because the baddassedness was fading away. His feud with Baron Corbin was extended and that did him no favors. Then Brock Lesnar cashed in and took the Universal Championship (see last week’s article for my thoughts on that). And finally, this past Monday Night Raw and the horrible, utterly abysmal promo that he cut on Miz TV. Oh yeah, he also got to play second fiddle to DX after his match with AJ Styles.


    This never needed to be complicated. Let the champ carry a chair to the ring each time he goes out and remind the rest of the roster that the title was his and they’d have to kill him to take it. When a heel was about to cheat to win (miss you, Eddie) he could grab his chair and either beat them to it or dare them to continue. When a babyface was facing certain doom he could run out and ensure fairness ensued. I mean, there’s so many ways to go with that. The paranoia of waiting on Brock Lesnar could have driven him mad and he’d snap on someone like, oh I don’t know, Roman Reigns and we get a two month program out of that. We didn’t need Rollins losing his title like a wimp and then spout whatever nonsense he did. And for the love of all that is and might be holy, when it comes to wrestlers saying things people don’t say, he’s the absolute worst.

    In fact, I’m starting to check out on him altogether. Since Wrestlemania 34 last year, he’s been at the top of my favorite wrestlers but if I have to watch another suplex squash match at Wrestlemania I’m done with him. And the worst part is is that it’s not his fault. He’s a phenomenal athlete and pro wrestler. His matches are typically fantastic. He busts his ass and makes the other guys look good in the process. This all comes down to creative and the promos they write and their fascination with Brock Lesnar holding a title. How long until this happens to Kevin Owens?

    The Raw Reunion was……….something. Okay look, I love nostalgia. But I quickly become bored with it. I tried starting a retro video game collection and I quit after a week. That being said, seeing some of my favorites from 15, 20, 25, and 30 years ago was great. However if they’re going to mix it up with current talent well, unless there’s a good story behind it, the current talent needs to go over. How embarrassing for The OC, AJ Styles and Gallows/Anderson, to start up a new faction only to get embarrassed by the 50 year olds in DX/NWO? Why did Sami Zayn have to be made to look like an idiot when he was saying what many of us were probably thinking? Wy are we cutting these guys off at the knees when they just start to get over?? The only performer who got any heat that night was Bray Wyatt taking out Mick Foley with the mandible claw. The rest of the current roster was made to look like chumps. But Steve Austin still has some magic, huh?

    SmackDown Live was the much better show of the two this week. Character development for Ember Moon, Kevin Owens vs Shane McMahon, Charlotte challenging what’s likely to be Trish Stratus, Bray Wyatt saying hello to Finn Balor, and with just one promo I am super pumped for Randy Orton vs Kofi Kingston and I never get hyped for an Orton match!

    So why was SmackDown Live better and why am I pumped up for an Orton match? Because it’s simple! Ember Moon getting the advantage over Bayley made sense! Kingston and Orton have years of history and they’re finally crossing paths again! Owens wants Shane gone and will even offer to quit WWE if he loses! Bray Wyatt wants to assert his dominance over the resident Demon! 

    Wrestling doesn’t have to be complicated! Seth Rollins can be the guy if you let him!

    A couple of quick hits:

    Samoa Joe needs a big win. You can count on him to cut an awesome promo and get you hyped for a match but you also know he’s going to lose.

    I love the 24/7 Title. R Truth is magic and Drake Maverick being his foil is superb. Truth accidentally kidnapping Drake’s wife was pure entertainment bliss. 

    Summerslam is shaping up to be a hell of a show. The matches announced have the potential to be really good, however, for me, the whole show will be ruined if the main event is Squash Suplex City. Lesnar is capable of really good matches and he and Rollins should be allowed to put on a show. And you can always count on Takeover being the best show of the weekend. I hope NXT’s move to Wednesday nights in the fall doesn’t hurt what I love about it – no overexposure.

    Anyways, that’s it for me this week. Perhaps a bit on the negative side but I had to get that off my chest. You can follow me on Twitter, I just changed my handle, as @RemDickman and check out my podcast, The Rich Dickman Show, where I talk about everything except wrestling! New episodes every Saturday. And to those of you who’ve offered feedback or have left comments, thank you so very much.

    Until next time!


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