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    Hi all as KOTR starts up this Monday at raw I figured I would get in the spirit and hand out my predictions for this year’s tournament. This year’s bracket is completely STACKED you can make an argument for any superstar to win which is awesome to see. However I do believe there is a clear cut winner to take home the crown at Clash Of Champions.

    1st Round

    Cesaro Vs Samoa Joe This match definitely has potential to be a great one as many other matches in this bracket do. I believe however that this is Cesaro’s time to win and he will most definitely win Via rollup against the always susceptible Joe. That’s ok however as I’d love to see more Cesaro and Joe will always recover with a great promo.

    Ricochet vs Drew McIntyre One of the harder matches to predict in the first round, however the edge goes to McIntyre. From the previous outcomes on Monday Night Raw I still don’t believe Ricochet is finished with the US title picture so I believe there will be some interference which will result in a blindsided claymore kick for the 1, 2, 3. McIntyre advances.

    Cedric Alexander vs Sami Zayn As much as I would love to see Sami do well in this tournament it just isn’t going to happen. Bell, lumbar check, pinfall. Cedric advances.

    The Miz vs Baron Corbin I can hear the boos coming from this match already, everyone hates to hear it but Corbin does a great job of firing up the fans. I see a pretty straight forward match where Baron hits his 5 moves and holds a chinlock for the rest. He still comes away with the win Corbin advances.

    Kevin Owens vs Elias Of course these two meet in the first round. 24/7 champion and Shane McMahon fanboy Elias will pull out the W after ​The Best In The World
    ​ turns the tables on Owens to continue their feud. Elias moves on.

    Ali vs Buddy Murphy After his breakout match Tuesday night on Smackdown Murphy seems to have a lot on his plate. This is going to be another phenomenal PPV worthy match which will result in Ali pulling out the win just to keep the Heel/Face numbers looking good. Murphy will look strong in defeat and continue on with the Roman Reigns who done it mystery.

    Chad Gable vs Shelton Benjamin
    The battle of two guys who haven’t been showcased on television in a long long time. This match is still sure to be noteworthy as they are both excellent professional wrestlers. Chad Gable should win as Benjamin has nothing to gain from a victory. Gable moving on.

    Apollo Crews vs Andrade The final match of the first round isn’t the most exciting match as we have already seen it a few times. Apollo Crews doesn’t win TV matches. Andrade wins with the help of Zelina.

    2nd Round

    Cesaro Vs Drew McIntyre First match of the second round sees two great wrestlers as well as a Heel vs Heel dynamic. To me this tournament is going to be a slight showcase of Cesaro through and WWE continues to have no plans for McIntyre. Cesaro Advances.

    Baron Corbin Vs Cedric Alexander The boos keep coming down and I can picture you all yawning at your TV screen, but guess what I pick Baron again. Cedric will hit all his flipping flying aerial attacks and look great. However once again Corbin moves on.

    Elias vs Ali How many matches has Elias been in on the main roster? The answer is not enough to have any chance of advancing further in this tournament. The McMahon angle is done and Ali is a great baby face. The former Mustafa Ali advances to the final 4.

    Chad Gable Vs Andrade After a great first round match and a probably decent second round match with Andrade, the rumoured “Shorty G” will come up just short to the prime heel work of “el idalo”. Andrade will face Ali.

    Round 3

    Cesaro Vs Baron Corbin Cheap heat, cheap heat that’s what WWE is always looking for and what better way to get it for the former “golden gloves boxing champion” then defeating the “Swiss Cyborg” after we all begin to think they are finally doing something with him. Get ready to boo, Corbin to the finals.

    Ali vs Andrade The final bracket match is sure to be a great one and what better two to have then Ali and Andrade. Two competitors who suffer from “my name is too long syndrome” and two do the most gifted on the roster. My heart wants Andrade to win the whole thing as he is one of my
    favourites. However unless there is a title shot up for grabs I just don’t think that’s going to happen. Ali, see you in the finals.

    Finals @ Clash of Champions

    Baron Corbin vs Ali From the moment this tournament was announced there was no doubt in my mind of who the winner would be. And that’s ok there will still be some great matches and storylines to come out of it. However there will be no one looking better coming out of it then you guessed it Baron Corbin. This tournament is another thing to add to his list of achievements, and think about how ridiculous and boo worthy it will be when he sits in the middle of the ring on a throne with his cape, and crown on, bragging about how he’s bested the whole roster once again. It’s not a sexy pick but guess what that SOB is gonna win it all. Corbin is 2019 King of the Ring

    There you have it folks that’s my predictions for this year’s tournament. Please give me your opinions and thoughts. Reach out to me on Twitter @maxrydholm13 Thanks for reading I look forward to giving you all my opinions in the future.


    1. The first week of King of the Ring matches have taken place. Over the course of Monday’s Raw and Tuesday’s Smackdown Live, four matches took place. Of course, both Mat Elfring and Chris E. Hayner’s prediction brackets were ruined during these nights, but we’ll keep you updated about the winners for each match as the tournament goes on.


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