Is There Truth to Shane McMahon Being “The Best in the World”?


    Let me start out saying that no, I don’t actually believe that Shane McMahon is the best in the world. On the contrary, I have been outright brutal on my podcast towards Shane McMahon. Specifically, the narrative that WWE has developed since his return to the company in 2016 that this 49 year-old man can go toe-to-toe with anyone on the roster. Don’t believe me? Let’s look at the statistics.

    Since Shane’s return in 2016 he has had 19 official matches. In that time, he has gone 11-8, and more recently has won the last 4 he has competed in, one of which is against WWE’s “Big Dog” Roman Reigns.

    What is more concerning is that even in Shane’s losses, he has been extremely competitive and has dished out a huge amount of offense against guys like The Undertaker and AJ styles. Two guys that are viewed in a true sense to be the best ever in the industry.

    I know some may say that the precedent with Shane was created well before his return in 2016. His matches with Kane, Kurt Angle and Shawn Michaels were all booked in a similar fashion, with Shane putting up a respectable fight against all three Hall of Famers. So why is this happening? I think the answer is fairly easy to find, and resides in the name “McMahon”. Logic, emotional engagement and reality are all thrown out the window when a McMahon is involved in any kind of storytelling.

    So is Shane the best in the world? Of course not, but what he very well may be is the best heel in WWE.

    Since Shane won the “Best in the World” tournament at Crown Jewel, I was advocating for Shane to turn heel. His run as a babyface had run it’s course, and I’ve always enjoyed Shane as a heel much more and felt he could really run with the “Best in the World” title. He has gotten more TV time than any heel in the company as of late and is giving Elias and Drew McIntyre a nice temporary home to establish themselves as true antagonists.

    Normally I would be ranting that a 49-year-old pretend wrestler is hogging a lot of the TV time you could be giving to younger talent. However, you could argue that he is sharing this time with two future Universal/WWE Champions in Elias and Drew. This trio is really beginning to generate the first real heel heat in recent memory. WWE is making me legitimately want to see someone beat the holy hell out of Shane McMahon, and isn’t that ultimately the goal? WWE concerns themselves too often with “putting smiles on people’s faces” when they overlook the benefit of the emotion called anger. When executed correctly, angering fans can build anticipation for wanting to see the heel be destroyed by a babyface, and I think that’s what we have right now with Shane McMahon.

    I’m angry with Shane right now, but in the way it’s meant to be.


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