Hello, Police?


    Hello, police? I’d like to report a murder. Two of them, actually.

    Maybe I wield some sort of magical power sitting here writing this article. Were my prayers answered? Did my wishes come true? Let’s discuss…

    RAW was a good show this week! It kept my attention throughout, we had some really good wrestling, and stories made sense. But I’m going to focus on two segments because I don’t have the word space to discuss them all AND SmackDown Live.  First, Brock Lesnar’s attempted murder of Seth Rollins.

    So Seth Rollins is having a match with Dolph Ziggler because he wants to teach Ziggler about respecting your elders. Or something. Look, it made sense at the time because Shawn Michaels got a kick to the jaw from Ziggler and all the good guys want Ziggler to pay. Now, in reality they need to build Ziggler back up so I get it and the guy can have some good matches. And the match with Rollins was no different, even if we had seen it too much earlier this year. Well, towards the end out comes Lesnar. Rollins is getting ready to fight but Ziggler grabs his legs and distracts him, allowing Lesnar the immediate upper hand. And then Lesnar proceeds to beat the hell out of Rollins, which, on its own was mildly interesting. However, Lesnar got angry and F5’ed Rollins into the ring post and then three times onto a chair. And those chair spots looked vicious. Rollins is then coughing up blood (no blood and guts here, folks) and carted out to an ambulance where, lo and behold, Lesnar is waiting for him. Lesnar proceeds to beat the hell out of Rollins again and F5’s him into the steel stretcher. All the while Paul Heyman is begging Lesnar to stop. 

    All of this makes sense. Rollins took the title from Lesnar at Wrestlemania thanks to low blows. Rollins kept the title at Super Show Down thanks to low blows and a chair. Lesnar got his title back through dubious means and now that Rollins has a rematch at SummerSlam Lesnar intends on keeping his title, giving Rollins some payback as well. Some payback? Yeah, a LOT of payback. Can Rollins overcome? Oh my, tune into SummerSlam to find out!  If you can’t tell, I’m back in. Rollins should stay off TV next week and we should be left wondering if he’ll even make it to the big match. Hell, WWE should go so far as to have a replacement ready to go to keep up the suspense. 

    And then there was the “Samoan Summit”. Man oh man, what a way to end the show. Winding up four on four and Cedric Alexander diving off the stage onto seven other guys was a ton of fun and left me excited for next week. Will The Uso’s and Roman Reigns finally come together? Where is Alexander’s place in all of this? The OC? So much fun. We can thank Paul Heyman for that. If you can finish the show with me asking questions about what happens next week, you’ve done a good job. Also, thank you for bringing back Becky Badass.

    Onto SmackDown Live. Overall I enjoyed this week’s show. The wrestling was solid, the promos were good, Kevin Owens beat Drew McIntyre clean in a fantastic match. Kofi Kingston and AJ Styles had a hell of a match as well and Kofi continues to get big, clean wins. Charlotte, the Queen that she is, and Trish Stratus are going to overshadow the other two women’s matches at SummerSlam – or that’s the thought. Maybe it will push the other four women. I liked Bayley’s new attitude and I’m digging Aleister Black’s promos. By the way, Sami Zayn and Black should have a hell of a match. However, that last segment – the attempted murder of Roman Reigns….

    Look, WWE should be better than the mess they put together for that. It was obviously a pre-tape. With the terrible editing, camera shots, and storytelling, one has to wonder how bad the original was. We’ve done “who dunnit’s” before and they have their place. And yes, I’m interested to see why Samoa Joe (I assume) tried to kill Roman. But my word, that was terribly shot and if we can get a tweet to Bruce Prichard we should definitely let him know. Or Kevin Dunn. But be polite in your tweets! After a really good show it came off as hokey and less than professional and kind of ruined the vibe for me. I’ll be back next week, though, to see who did it and, I assume, watch Samoa Joe lose again.

    Bray Wyatt was scarier on the Firefly Funhouse this week than he was in (or not in?) the ring on RAW. The maniacal laughing, then the serious “let me in” is chilling in all the good ways.

    Let’s talk Women’s Wrestling real quick. WWE has a problem here. After being a strength for a long time it’s kinda taken a step back. Where are the women’s tag titles??? You can list the women’s division in tiers and because of this we have a hard time taking certain performers seriously.

    At the top you have Charlotte, Becky, and Asuka.

    Then you’ve got Bayley, Alexa, and I’ll throw Natalya here.

    Next comes Ember Moon, Carmella, IIconics, Nikki Cross.

    And then you have everyone else like Dana Brooke, Liv Morgan, Sarah Logan, Naomi, Mandy Rose, Sonja Deville, etc…

    I appreciate Natalya and Ember Moon getting title shots at SummerSlam but I don’t see either of them having a real shot at winning. Maybe, MAYBE Ember. But what I’m getting at here is that this can be a very good division but the ladies need chances to shine and stories to be involved in. Dana Brooke wrestling on Main Event does nothing for me because I don’t watch Main Event. But if she has some good, close matches with Alexa or Asuka, she’s moving up that ladder to where I’ll think, hey, she might pull this off. The ladies need to be utilized more because as it is right now, the top three overshadow everyone else, and Asuka is barely on TV these days. The disparity between the tiers needs to lessen in order for there to be a more well rounded women’s division. 

    So I liked both shows this week. SummerSlam is shaping up to be better than Wrestlemania and that is very exciting. I imagine some tag team title matches will be added but I can’t help to think that I’d love to see a ladder match. With The Revival in it. If they’re going to do a multi team tag team championship match, it needs to be a ladder match. The weird tag team triple threat where you have three teams but only two wrestlers in the ring at a time doesn’t work for me. Feels weird, man.

    Okay, enough for now. I changed my twitter handle! Follow me @RemDickman and check out my podcast, The Rich Dickman Show each week where I talk about anything except wrestling though I do plug these articles! New episodes every Saturday. See you next week!


    1. Very well written! Seems we have a very similar thought process on how Raw went down. Heres hoping that forklift driver turns into a good opponent.

      • Thanks!
        Have you seen the Twitter this weekend? They’re calling it a forklift accident and Roman tweeted out that he understands lol.

        Either they bailed immediately because they were embarrassed or they’re trying to swerve.


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