Eddie Guerrero’s first WWE Title Win & Cody Rhodes Chairshot to the Head


In this special Sunday edition of The WWE Podcast, I look back at Eddie Guerrero winning his first WWE Championship against Brock Lesnar at No Way Out 2004, which was one of the most emotional wins of his career. I also touch on Cody Rhodes taking a chairshot to the head by Shawn Spears at AEW’s Fyter Fest.


  1. Like the people who you described on your podcast I’m appalled that Cody took this headshot. I watched WWF back as a kid 90’s and have recently got back in to it now my own children have taken an interest, while I’ve come to understand there are many problems within WWE at the moment I’m perfectly happy with the product.

    I watch and enjoy WWE because it’s entertaining, I have no interest in watching people intentionally hurting each other for sport, I don’t watch boxing or UFC for this very reason. Do wrestlers get hurt? Of course they do, is it intentional? No. My son and wife compete in Brazilian jiu jitsu to the level my wife is competing in Las Vegas next year in the world masters and again this is a sport with no interest in purposefully hurting the opposition.

    So back to Cody, did he need to take this head shot? Of course not. As you said, he’s very clever and there are ways (that I don’t know) they could have people talking about AEW, they’ve been doing a pretty good job up to now, I thought exposing the turnbuckle was a step to far and now head shots with a chair, this looks to be a clear escalation in shock value so where does it end? Of course the chair was gimmicked and as a twist of irony gashing his head open showed how dangerous this stunt was. We are being told he has be cleared of concussion but after pulling such a stunt to push there brand would they really admit it had gone wrong and he’s actually really hurt as a result? I don’t think so. The effects of that would be far more damaging than “positive” effect its had. If you want to see people genuinely hurting each other for fun there are plenty of genuine sports that will offer this in buckets but pro wrestling, AEW included, should keep this as entertainment.


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