Clash of Champions 2019 Predictions


    Oh, hi there! Been standing there long? Sorry I didn’t notice you, been a bit busy talking to my pals about “stranger danger”. I’m glad you’re here, though. I was about to give them my predictions for this Sunday’s Clash of Champions event but something tells me you might be a better audience.  It’s a loaded card with 11 (formerly 12) total matches and if you couldn’t tell by the name, each and every one of the Championships in WWE will be on the line. So sit back, relax, and get ready to hit me with your disagreements!

    Bayley vs. Charlotte Flair – Smackdown Women’s Championship

    This one is tough to call. On one hand you have a newly heel-ish Bayley who’s had some good momentum as champ and on the other is your Queen, now and always, who, while she doesn’t need it, could use another strong run as champion when Smackdown moves to Fox in a few weeks. The recent turn of Bayley made this match harder to call because there’s no money to be had in a heel chasing a heel but almost babyface champion. I’m going to go with Bayley retaining here but with the help of Sasha Banks. Something tells me we’re going to get a lot of Women’s Division story development on this show.

    Seth/Braun vs Roode/Ziggler – Raw Tag Team Championship

    This one is easy. Since Seth and Braun have a match against each other after, there needs to be some real heat built. I don’t see a Braun Strowman heel turn but I wouldn’t be surprised by it either. This should be a fantastic match given the talent involved but I fear it’ll be a short, screwy ending to preserve Braun for the main event. I’d hate to see that. Let this one develop and build, Braun and Seth have an altercation of some significance, and get those titles on Roode and Ziggler.

    Seth Rollins vs Braun Strowman – WWE Universal Championship

    The Fiend awaits! (Why does The Fiend get a title shot, though? He’s only won one match.) Yes, at Hell In A Cell, the winner here will defend against The Fiend and I think both would make good opponents. However I don’t see Seth Rollins losing this one, especially after defeating Brock Lesnar the way he did last month. Seth Freakin’ Rollins has beaten Lesnar twice this year while Braun Strowman has been running around the ring shoulder tackling people. The quality of this match is going to entirely depend on how they use Braun in the tag match which, I’ll admit, has me worried. If you’ve read my articles you know I’m a Seth Rollins fan so the fan in me wants to see him win but the article writer in me knows he’s going to come out of this with the strap. It just makes no sense for him to lose now. Next month, however, is a different story.

    Kofi Kingston vs Randy Orton – WWE Championship

    And this, ladies and gentlemen, will be a barn burner of a TITLE CHANGE! Yes, you read that right. This feud can’t end now because it’s really, really good. (Also – Hell In A Cell next month, duh) This one got personal and Randy Orton’s use of the word “stupid” has become a part of my daily diolouge. When Orton wants to work he can be really, really good and this match will have us on the edge of our seats. But Kofi-Mania will come to an end on Sunday (for a month, anyways) as Randy K Orton holds that title up for the, what, 14th time? I’m really looking forward to this one.

    Drew Gulak vs Humberto Carrillo vs Lince Dorado – WWE Cruiserweight Championship

    Okay, here comes the hate mail. Yawn. Who cares? I haven’t been impressed with 205 Live since the Cruiserweight Classic. Yes, you read that right. How do we have a cruiserweight division that wrestles exactly like the non-cruiserweight division? It’s guys you’ve hardly heard of who just happen to be smaller. I miss Ali and Cedric Alexander. But even they couldn’t get me to watch this show. Look, these three guys are all fantastic and I couldn’t do what they do in a million years but I have not been given one single reason to care about them or this. Relegated to the pre-show, I’ll read the recap. Oh, umm, Gulak retains.

    The New Day vs The Revival – Smackdown Tag Team Championship

    This one, right here, is a steal the show candidate. I love the way both of these teams perform and I cannot wait to see it. Hopefully they don’t keep on with “New Day is injured” and just let them beat the hell out of each other for 20 minutes. I fully expect The Revival to win here and parade around with their new best friend, Randy Orton, showing off all three of the belts. This feud, like the Kofi/Orton one, is too good to stop now and with Hell In A Cell coming next month could we, and this is my fantasy booking here, see a 6 man battle in the cell with all of the titles on the line? Can you even imagine how amazing that would be?

    Shinsuke Nakamura vs The Miz – WWE Intercontinental Championship

    Did you know Shinsuke was a champion? So my pick here, as ill advised as it may seem, is The Miz and there are two reasons for it. Number one, The Miz knows how to make that belt mean something and with the move to Fox, they’ll need a champion like him. Number two – Chris Jericho. If The Miz wins, he’ll join Jericho as a ten-time champion and with a loss followed by another win, he’ll be an eleven-time champ, further erasing Jericho’s name from the record books. Don’t underestimate Vince McMahon’s ability to book by spite. I will say, though, I haven’t enjoyed a Nakamura match since he came up from NXT. His style got softer and it’s rather boring. Go The Miz!

    Becky Lynch vs Sasha Banks – Raw Women’s Championship

    Did you know that Becky Lynch worked at a bar in NYC and I’ve been there several times? No, you didn’t. Also, I’ve only ever been there after she quit to pursue her dreams of WWE fame. Anyways, that meaningless story aside, this one is probably the toughest to call on the whole show. On one hand you’ve got the hottest female star in the business right now. On the other a recently returned and recently turned heel Sasha Banks. Banks can’t afford to lose this match. Lynch can’t afford to look like a jabroni. So I’m going to predict a screw job finish, with Bayley’s help, that sees Sasha Banks holding up the title at the end. I don’t necessarily want that to happen as, truth be told, I’m not a huge fan of The Boss but to have her return only to get jobbed out on her first PPV back probably makes very little sense. Oh, and also, what event is taking place next month? Oh right, Hell In A Cell…

    Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross vs Fire & Desire

    Mandy and Sonya absolutely deserve to be here but Alexa and Nikki have been great as champions. I’m glad they haven’t had Alexa turn on Nikki yet because they’re also great together. The Women’s Tag Division needs to be built with strong champions so I’m going to go with Alexa and Nikki. This should be interesting and I’m hoping for a close finish that gets Mandy and Sonya a rematch.

    AJ Styles vs Cedric Alexander – United States Championship

    Hey, did you know Ricochet isn’t on this show? I think I just realized that. Anyways, this past Monday in the 10 Man Tag main event, Cedric pinned Styles to earn himself this opportunity. That’s great. I like Cedric Alexander a lot. However, AJ Styles needs a belt around his waist, especially if we are to take The OC seriously. This should be another great match, especially if the outside interference is kept to a minimum and they’re given time to tell a story. I wouldn’t be shocked to see Alexander pull it out but I fully expect AJ to win with another sweet Styles Clash.

    Roman Reigns vs Rowan – No Disqualification Match

    Instead of the King of the Ring finals, we get this. Great. If they beat the hell out of each other for ten minutes, that could be fun but no matter how much they try to hype “who tried to kill Roman Reigns” I just can’t bring myself to care. It was dumb when it started and it’s dumb now. I assume Daniel Bryan will be revealed to be the mastermind behind this, reunite with Rowan, and set up a match between Bryan and Roman Reigns next month. That’ll be fun but hurry up and get there.

    And that’s that!

    Oh wait, one more thing. What two matches will be on the pre-show? I’m suddenly glad that the King of the Ring final will be Monday because you can bet your bottom dollar that would have been a pre-show match. But of these 11 I think we’ll see the Cruiserweight match and the Intercontinental Match on the pre-show. And that’s a shame, really. Give us filler matches. These guys work too hard to wrestle in front of a crowd that hasn’t filed in yet and those of us who won’t start watching until 8pm will never even bother to go back and watch.

    Thanks for reading! Would love to hear your thoughts! You can find me on Twitter @RemDickman and you can find my podcast, The Rich Dickman Show, every week on all your podcast apps! Here’s to hoping for a really good Clash of Champions!


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