Chairman Rollins


    I love a larger than life badass. As wrestling fans we tend to gravitate towards huge personalities, unrelenting talent, and performers who are determined to make sure we know they are the best. Heel or babyface, these are the wrestlers who get over.

    This is an extension of what I wrote about last week – The Beast In The Bank – because if it wasn’t for Brock Lesnar, we wouldn’t have Chairman Rollins. Now look, it’s easy to say that Seth Rollins is one of the best performers in WWE right now and is certainly up there with some of the best in the world. But something was missing. Perhaps it was an edge to the character. Maybe it was lack of focus. I don’t know, I’m not that smart. However Seth Rollins has caught fire with me since Money In The Bank and here’s why.

    My favorite thing that happened this week on Raw was the first thing that happened. Baron Corbin introduced Elias as his special guest referee for their match this Sunday at Stomping Grounds. (Did you know they’re going to Kick Ass And Take Names?) And as Elias began to tell us why he would be an amazing referee – BOOM! – a chair shot to the back. And then Chairman Rollins proceeds to beat the ever living crap out of Elias with that chair. And my god, I cringe when that chair comes down as these guys are using their arms to cover themselves up. Rollins then snuck up behind Corbin during an interview and laid him out with a chair. EC3, Eric Young, and anyone else who dared to consider taking up Baron Corbin’s offer fell victim to the Chairman. This continued on Smackdown Live as well. Seth Rollins made it very clear, you’re either with him or against him. There will be no middle ground.

    Now some will say that a babyface champion probably shouldn’t be sneaking around and hitting guys with chairs. I disagree and I wonder what these people had to say when Stone Cold Steve Austin was giving stunners to friends and foes alike. I absolutely love Seth Rollins carrying that chair around as a prop. The Beast has his briefcase, the Champ has his chair. And it’s all because of The Beast. Rollins said he’s sick and tired of the paranoia and is done taking crap from anyone. And how brilliant is that? Brock Lesnar isn’t even on TV and he’s still getting over.

    See, the simplicity here is what works. The champion is tired of looking over his shoulder. He’s tired of essentially bringing a knife to a gunfight. He’s determined to level the playing field against Brock Lesnar and his surprise attacks and because of that anyone in his way will fall victim as well. He’s taking matters into his own hands and looking more and more like a badass while doing it. It makes no sense for a babyface champion to sit and wait for his opponents, especially when we know how “dirty and underhanded” the heels can be. He loves being the champion, he wants to remain champion, and he will do what he must to keep that championship. This is the best version of Seth Rollins I’ve seen in a long time and I’m loving it.

    I’m going to switch gears here and write about a couple things that are currently swimming in my head.

    Did Raw feel different to you this week? Yeah, yeah, I know. Anything is a step up over nothing. But this week felt different – it felt better. Storylines were simple, most things made sense, characters got over, and the characters started to feel important. Smackdown Live felt this way as well. Now one can only hope we get a live crowd soon to absolutely crap all over any Shane McMahon segment on TV – think Roman Reigns on Raw after he defeated The Undertaker.

    Kick Ass And Take Names. My god, to all that is holy I swear to you the one thing I absolutely hate, hate, hate is when WWE feels the need to force their nonsense down my throat. How many times today did you say that you were going to kick ass and take names? Is it zero, like me? People don’t talk like that so why are my wrestlers talking like that?? Remember Roadblock: End Of The Line? Kevin Owens was giving a fantastic promo hyping his match and then said “and at Roadblock: End Of The Line…” and I immediately stopped believing in what he was saying. Braun Strowman did this last year too, something along the lines of “..and at WWE Super Showdown…”. Come on. I’m a positive person but I just need to get this complaint out there. Please let the performers talk like normal people. We’re not a stupid audience. We know the difference between The Royal Rumble and the royal rumble match.


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