3 Fool-Proof Ways WWE Can Resurrect “The Fiend”


    Hell in a Cell 2019 will forever be remembered for one of the most overproduced, overbooked main event finishes in recent memory. While we could go down the detailed list of everything that points to an awful booking decision (i.e. the 11 stomps, the red lighting, the match length, the ref stoppage etc.) i’d like to discuss how to repair the damage that has been done to The Fiend character, and to do that WWE needs to truly understand what made him the hottest character in WWE to begin with.

    1. Less is More – Like so many things in life, more is not always, well, better. While this rule could apply to many guys on the roster, this applies none more than to The Fiend. Partly what made him so intriguing was his rare appearances, sometimes going weeks in between “FireFly Funhouse” segments. In-person appearances were also few and far between, they were unexpected and most importantly they were BRIEF. The Hell in A Cell mach with Seth Rollins went an astounding 17 minutes. This was about 15 minutes too long. The Fiend’s character risks being overexposed by the typical “wrestling match” time-frame. Yes, it was the main event of the show, but like any wrestling show’s goal, it should leave the fans wanting MORE. We don’t need to see The Fiend on WWE television every week, nor do we even need a FireFly Funhouse. It makes anticipation grow for when and who The Fiend will strike next. Like the old adage, absence makes the heart grow fonder.

    2. Don’t Kill The FireFly Funhouse – When the first episode of The FireFly Funhouse debuted I remember people on social media killing the segment with comments like “What have they done with Bray Wyatt!” “His Career is Over”. I had a much more optimistic view, especially given that it had the highest number of views on WWE’s YouTube channel that week and that Bray was ALL IN on this character. It had such a genuinely creepy vibe, taking the innocent format of a children’s show with an evil undertone. The FireFly Funhouse is what makes The Fiend work. It is the other side of Bray Wyatt that is needed to explain The Fiend’s actions and it creates a balance of character. Seth Rollins may have burned the FireFly Funhouse down last week on Raw, but don’t expect the segment to go anywhere. If Seth has learned anything from Randy Orton, burning down the home of Bray Wyatt only makes him stronger. #RIPSisterAbigail

    3. Make Him Champion – It’s my view that Seth Rollins and Bray Wyatt should have never crossed paths this early. Neither man can afford to lose clean to the other as they are on parallel paths. WWE has been doomed from the start and handcuffing their booking team by putting these two together in a program so early, but what’s done is done. We now move on to the beloved “Crown Jewel” PPV event from Saudi Arabia where Seth and Bray will square off in a falls count anywhere match. Many feel that Seth turned heel last Monday night by burning down the FireFly Funhouse. While some may feel that way, especially given the crowd’s reaction to this, I find it hard to believe this was WWE’s intent.

    So what do you do with this program, what is the payoff?

    Simple – The Fiend becomes Universal Champion, and in a decisive fashion. WWE can wipe the bad taste out of fan’s mouths by giving them what should have happened at Hell in a Cell, a Wyatt victory in under 5 minutes. No funny business, no interference, keep it simple and put the belt on this guy because let’s face it, Seth Rollins as Universal Champion just isn’t that interesting.

    Let’s see what Bray Wyatt’s twisted mind can do as champion.

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