Brock Lesnar– Is He Staying or Going After WrestleMania?

Brock Lesnar, a man who, by his very name, draws money. When you hear that name you think of an ass-kicking machine, whether it’s in a 20’x 20’ squared circle, or the octagon. While he is a man a few words on the mic, he does most of his talking inside the ring.

While most of us as wrestling fans are frustrated by his part-time schedule as champion, the few appearances he does make then become that much more ‘special’. With that concept in mind, there does come a limit to the benefits of this strategy. First of all, while his appearances on Television are few and far between which decreases the chances of over-exposing the ‘beast’, there is a downside to this that is beginning to show itself. The Championship itself is taking backseat to many other rivalries in WWE today.

With so few dates on Brock’s contract, WWE knew that the Heavyweight Championship would slowly take a backseat. Making Brock’s appearances sporadic are now coming at the expense of the importance of the title. While having the title simply around the waist of Brock adds value and meaning to the title in itself, not having him around at least on a semi-regular basis is beginning to cause fans to have to remember that there is a heavyweight belt. On the flip side, it has allowed other titles such as the IC & US Title’s into the spotlight and a chance to shine. Dolph Ziggler and Rusev have done a nice job of adding some much needed luster to these luke-warm belts.

Now that Brock is back after a 3 month absence, we are faced with yet another Cena vs. Lesnar matchup. WWE is advertising this as the “Final Chapter” in the Cena/Lesnar rivalry, and as well it should be. In reality, while many may complain that we’ve seen this matchup before, it’s the only matchup that makes sense. Nobody else in WWE was ready for Lesnar, no other matchup would have drawn more money. Cena, whether he holds the belt or not is still the face of WWE and is their guy. Why would Lesnar, who ended the Undertaker’s streak, have to face anyone less than the top guy? Now admittedly, had WWE signed Brock to more dates, he would have likely had the opportunity to work with other talents, and give them the “rub” of a main event player. WWE is simply “maximizing the minutes” that Brock has, which financially makes the most sense. He doesn’t have the number of dates necessary to be placed in anything other than 3-4 high profile matches a year.

This begs the question, will Brock Lesnar resign with WWE? That’s an answer that only Brock knows. However, sources close to Brock have revealed that he may be showing interest in returning to the UFC. This may very well be a financial strategy on the part of Lesnar to squeeze more money out of WWE, or he may have a legitimate interest in returning to the Octagon.

I think one way that we as fans will be able to determine whether Brock is returning post WrestleMania 31 is to see where WWE goes creatively at the Royal Rumble. Having Brock drop the belt at the Royal Rumble, in my eyes is a big hint that the beast is hitting the road after his contract is up.

In my personal opinion, I’d give Lesnar a 50/50 chance of returning to WWE. He has the light travel schedule that he enjoys, only works PPV’s, and makes a truckload of money to do it. On the flip side, he has never been in better health and truly enjoys the real athletic competition that the UFC provides.

Either way, at this point WWE should know whether or not their Beast Incarnate has decided to return to the squared circle or ride off into the sunset. One thing is for sure, for fans of Wrestling & MMA, interesting times lie ahead. Believe THAT.

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