iPhone 7 Rumors – Yes its Happening Already

It’s only been 2 months since Apple released the iPhone 6 but check the Yahoo Top 10 searches of the week and you’ll see the “iPhone 7” in that list. The tech world’s insatiable appetite for “what’s next” continues to grow at an exponential rate. Ironically, Apple’s next iPhone may not be the iPhone 7. In all likelihood, the next iPhone will be the iPhone 6S. Historically, Apple has never skipped the “S” generational upgrades. Could Apple break tradition and go with an all new iPhone for the next release? It’s possible, but not likely and here’s why:

Case Makers/Accessories – Maintaining the same form factor allows Apple and 3rd party case & accessory makers to maintain some stability for each generation lasting 2 years. Changing the form factor each year would begin to confuse consumers and create headaches for case makers

Investment in Form Factor – There is a large amount of R&D that goes into each iPhone’s design, hence an investment. Unless there is a major production flaw that goes unnoticed until the iPhone reaches the public, the form factor is not going to be altered each year.

With these in mind, I’m going with the 6S as the next model. Regardless of what the name of the device will ultimately end up being, there are some significant rumors already floating around about what the next generation device will include. As always, some are fantasy, while others are virtual locks.

Better Camera – A higher megapixel camera (finally) will make its way into the next iPhone. Since the iPhone 4S, Apple has remained with the 8mp sensor. While Apple has stood firm in its strategy that megapixels aren’t the determining factor for picture quality (and they have largely been right), it will finally be time to improve the sensor and give us a 12+mp sensor. (100% Chance)

Faster Processor – This one also appears to be a lock. Every iPhone has seen a boost in processor speed and efficiency and there isn’t any reason to think this release will be any different. Using history as our guide, the next processor will likely be named the “A9”, with at least 2x faster speeds. (100% Chance)

3D Screen – This has been the hottest rumor thus far regarding Apple’s next gen device. The source of this rumor stems from the fact that Apple was awarded a patent for a holographic 3D display in September of 2014. However, there is likely a lengthy testing process that will be required before they are actually implemented in the iPhone. Therefore, I do not see it being in the 6S. (5% chance)

Holographic Keyboard – One of the most consistent rumors each year has been the possibility of the iPhone having a holographic keyboard. There has been no evidence that Apple has been testing this technology. Not to mention the fact that Apple is very rarely the first to market with cutting edge technology (1% Chance)

Well, there you have it. A quick and dirty look at the latest rumors surrounding the iPhone 7, I mean 6S. Oh, and when is it going to be released? My money is on the fall of 2015. Yep, a whole 10 months away. But at least we can enjoy all of the unrealistic rumors that are sure to follow in the coming months, until we all come back down to earth in our expectations about 3-4 weeks before release.

Until next time.

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