Why Diets Fail – 3 Reasons You May Not Expect

In the world of “diets”, there are hundreds, if not thousands of options. Many promise unrealistic results that are expensive and ineffective. In today’s ‘quick fix’ instant gratification society, we all want what we want with the flip of a switch or the click of a mouse. The reality is, however that there aren’t any quick fixes when it comes to weight loss. Hard work, consistency and establishing a plan will be your keys to success. Beleive it or not, most people don’t have a plan when beginning their program. This leads me to the first reason that diets fail.. a lack of preparation and planning.

  • Before beggining any diet or exercise program, you need to establish your goals. Typically, when you ask someone what their goals are, they either don’t have any or give you their overall goal (ie. i just want to have a 6-pack). The issue with these goals is that if you aren’t working towards a SPECIFIC goal, then your mindset will be just as vague. Your mind needs to know exactly what you’re trying to achieve, and then it can attempt to come up with a solution. Also, setting small goals (milemarkers) throughout your progress will help to keep you on track. Thinking about your larger goal can often times be overwhelming and cause feelings of defeat before you even begin.


  • This may be the biggest reason ‘diets’ fail… thinking of it as a ‘diet’ If you’ve listened to my podcasts or read my blogs you know i’m not a big fan of calling them diets. To me, a diet is a short term solution for a long term problem. Think about it, most diets or workout programs contain the number of days right in the name. 21 Day Fix, P90x..etc. I’m not saying that these aren’t effective programs that can produce results. My concern comes after you’ve completed them, then what? My preference of words is to call it a Lifestyle Change. A lifestyle change suggests that from this point forward you are changing your eating and exercise habits indefinitely. So before you begin a “diet” program, my suggestion would be to reprogram your brain to think of this as a PERMANENT change in how you live your life on a day-to-day basis. \


  • A lack of true motivation. We’ve all fallen victim to this. We begin a program and feel great, maybe see some small results. Then after a week or two we end up going back to our old habits. Why is this? Maybe because as human beings we don’t like to be out of our comfort zones. Or maybe it’s because we haven’t identified our TRUE motivation for starting it in the first place. We all want to be physically attractive, but if we dig beyond the surface we each need to identify a deeper reason for doing it. Simply wanting to look good won’t motivate the majority of us to drag ourselves to the gym when we are dead tired after work when we could easily go home and crash on the couch. Something deeper has to be there in order to push us. Find what that is, and keep it in mind whenever you have those tough days of “i dont feel like working out today”.

Hope this helps and you can identify with these. Please feel free to reach out to me Questions@mattsmadness.com or on Twitter @ Matts_Madness.

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