How to Stay on Track

Ok, so you’ve got some kind of fitness routine already and you find yourself bored and not progressing with your goals. You are tempted to settle where you are, thinking to yourself “this is probably as far as i’ll go”. Don’t fall into that trap! It’s an easy one to slip into and one in which many of us (including myself) are guilty of from time to time. The first thing we have to understand is WHY this happens.

When we first begin a workout routine, it’s new, exciting and challenging. Much like the beginning of a relationship with a significant other, it starts out hot and heavy, but after a while, the “newness” wears off, things stop progressing as quickly and it ultimately becomes boring. The critical pitfall is when we accept where we are, thinking that this is the farthest that we can reach. Once we stop feeling challenged, it not only becomes boring, but we often times will regress with our goals.

The key to overcoming this is to not let it happen in the first place. And yes, like most advice that you’ll receive in life this easier said than done. While the solution is simple, its not EASY. There is a distinct difference between those two adjectives. For example, most people want to get in shape. The simple solution is to say “lose weight”. However, the implementation of this solution is not EASY. See the difference? Nonetheless, moving on…

So how to you avoid this rut of becoming bored with your routine? Simple.

-Don’t have the same workout schedule each week
-Find a friend to workout with. This will also keep you accountable and much more likely to stay with your routine
-If your gym holds workout classes, try ALL of them (yes, even zumba guys. It’s a hell of a workout, I promise)

If possible, switch out that weights or resistance day with a yoga class. The mental benefit from taking a yoga class is enough alone for me, as yoga by definition means to transform the body and mind. I highly recommend it for both men and women.

Getting out of our comfort zones is critical to growing and succeeding in any aspect of our lives, and our fitness routines are no exception. Keep things fresh, intense and stay focused.

Be proud of where you are, but always keep trying to go higher, reach for a new goal. It’ll keep you coming back for more.

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